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Gifted and Talented Education

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  GATE works with the minds that will lead our future generation. The One Day School emphasises critical thinking and allows the students to work to their optimal capacity. All learners will have an Individual Education Plan around their learning needs.  All students will be on individualised child-centred programmes.  All learning will be based on the New Zealand Curriculum.
Low learner ratio and qualified educators having undergone specialised training (theory and practical) in teaching learners with specific learning requirements.  Smaller class sizes allowing more time for individualised learning.

Our Curriculum

The national curriculum contains the five curriculum areas (Science, Technology, Social Sciences, The Arts and Health and Physical Education) is used to provide the context (the interest and engagement) to learn to read, write and do maths (English and Maths curriculum areas).

To be literate:
This means being able to listen to and speak with others and then beyond that, being able to read and write.
To be mathematical:
Mathematics is a basic necessity required to live in everyday life and is essential for employment.


what we offer

  • Individual Personalised Learning Plan for each student

  • Contracts

  • Thematic Learning

  • Supported by Te Kura Correspondence School where necessary

  • We will be offering Years 1 to Years 13

  • Feuerstein will be used for ALL students

  • NZ Curriculum


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